Welcome to the VOLCANO WOMAN experience!

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Welcome to the VOLCANO WOMAN experience! 

VISIT the Official website http://wokecomicbooks.club

It's a comic book unlike any other.  Published by Russell Wilson (with backing from Hollywood veteran Debra Keeler) and created
and written by legendary African novelist KOLA BOOF, "Volcano Woman" is one of the rare times a Black Woman Superhero had
her own book. It's also the first time that a GAY BLACK MALE SUPERHERO (Volcano Woman's brother Piru) was featured 
as a regular lead and the first time a Black DEAF person (Carolee, the mother of the two superheroes) was featured as a lead

KOLA BOOF says, "We wanted to do diversity in a way that it's usually not shown in the West....for instance, the standard of
Blackness here is Blackness itself. And I wanted this work to fight back against the need Men and Governments have for 
silencing people. As an African woman, I wanted to show a Black American woman who's like me...kind and sweet, but
 refuses to be silent.  Nessa Tyler (aka Volcano Woman) hates violence...but as in real life, the Villians force you into it."

For information about THE CHARACTERS and anything else, you really need to visit the official website
of VOLCANO WOMAN here: http://wokecomicbooks.club

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://wokecomicbooks.club